AOG And Critical Logistics

Keeping minutes on ground to its minimum should be your priority this keeps losses to its lowest and we at CODOT ensure all your AOG and critical parts are delivered on time every time.

Whenever the Aircraft is grounded all you need is a trusted partner who can set the seal on critical parts getting delivered on time. Always choosing the best possible route with fastest delivery potentials that’s what we are proficient in. Every second we save on shipment delivery can be utilized in getting your Grounded aircraft back in the sky.

Our AOG Team prioritizes timely consignment delivery and keeps you updated on every transit movement providing you with composure.

If an event of AOG occurred anywhere globally, our local team of experts will deliver you with the much needed critical parts and will help you get back on air at your earliest. We understand that Critical parts have to be delivered not only fast but also need to clear customs and government guidelines across the globe. CODOT assists you in every possible way in clearing those customs and guides you with proper government guidelines which need to be mindful of. We just encourage you to trust us and rest. Our team of experts at CODOT will arrange a right solution to make your experience hassle free in a way that urgency doesn't escalate.