LLP Control Towers

Globally operating system which ensures absolute logistics management to provide you with real time every day order visibility.

We have decades of operational experience As a leading provider of logistics services to the aviation & aerospace sector, CODOT’s technical expertise is matched only by our commitment to success.

Our control tower team plays a vital role in managing supply chain activity. We at CODOT have our digital platform which enables real time data sharing functionality along with real time operational service tracking. Our LLP customers have total visibility of their engineering supply chain throughout the journey.

We know how important your decision is, and meanwhile it has to be right to ensure you always take right decisions. We provide you KPI & financial reports generated by our control tower. Our dedicated team of experts are present to provide operational and customer service support so service related failures remain at its minimum. For chasing perfection we always improve our service resulting in better programme advancement and cost management.

Entire LSP activities are managed by CODOT resulting in freeing up your valuable resources the services are backed by worldwide best support Chanel which is available 24/7 CODOT team make sure that you receive detailed analytics & reports starting from order initiation process to post shipment step helping your decision making easy.