Cold Chain Packing

CODOT provides you with right cold chain packaging solutions making sure that your product remains safe, secure and unaffected throughout the transit. Our industry leading infrastructure has modern technologies to maintain and monitor your products status based on high impacting points like humidity, pressure & light exposure of product in real time providing you peace of mind.

Our network is spread across the globe and working with manufacturers from all sectors makes us confident that all your packing challenges can be taken care of. We also handle critical paperwork on your behalf, eliminating any omission.

Package itself is not sufficient. There's a lot associated with cold chain packaging ranging from selecting the right material for packaging to ensuring the perfect package size for proper coverage.

Keeping your package cold enough while in transit needs some extra care which is essential for maintaining the viability of your items, tasks like replenishing dry ice levels and maintaining the container’s temperature as per package requirement are taken care of by CODOT experts. We highly consider choosing the right packing material to provide you with a cost effective and sustainable packing solution so that your shipment reaches its destination well shielded.