Forward Stocking

Forward stocking is proven to provide wider reach to your business. It not only helps in serving your audience with timely delivery but also reduces the need of carrying a large inventory. Benefits of forward stocking look promising. But confirming location for your next forward stocking facilities to enhance your network reach is a challenging task.

CODOT expert advice can help you in setting up your next forward stocking facilities as we have worked with leading manufacturers and logistic partners, we understand what you need for exponential growth.

Our team runs a detailed analysis and predicts you with numbers required to meet all your supply chain demands along with proper reports of existing forward stocking facilities making you aware of their real time performance ensuring your decision is backed by data.

Forward stocking is completely based on predictions and demand analysis. We at CODOT provide you detailed demand analysis and follow aggressive data prediction algorithms making sure your business continues to provide demanded supplies in future and you maintain a leading edge among your peers.

We not only help you choose your FSL but also provide you with a winning strategy.