In the ever-changing manufacturing landscape of today, manufacturers have to increasingly streamline their processes in the wake of increased demand variability challenges, to drive business growth and remain competitive. In light of this fact, our transportation and logistics services help you make your supply chains more agile and leaner.

Services in manufacturing

  • Transporting out-of-gauge and heavy loads
  • Door delivery.
  • Centers for distribution and consolidation
  • Management of the milk run
  • Operation of the control tower
  • Consolidation of shippers and buyers

Support for advanced manufacturing

  • Optimization of the network and supply chain
  • Personalized delivery schedules
  • Programs for reverse logistics
  • Control of material quality
  • Operation of picking and packing
  • Inventory management software

Manufacturers must increasingly optimize their operations in the face of greater demand unpredictability challenges to generate corporate growth and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing manufacturing industry. At Codot Logistics, our transportation and logistics services can assist you in making your supply chains more agile and lean. This will allow you to efficiently manage your clients’ complex supply and demand by gaining flexibility. Our experts collaborate with you to develop custom solutions that address your specific supply chain needs.