Advantages of Temperature Controlled Warehousing

A temperature controlled warehouse is good when your company functions with goods that are susceptible to cold or heat. Here, we explain the detailed information that will definitely help you preserve your goods in good condition.

Choosing specialized, temperature controlled storage is crucial when your business relies on consistency. By combining a means of cooling or heating, a temperature controlled warehouse, as the name suggests, keeps a specific temperature.

Products that are sensitive to cold or heat that is temperature-sensitive need a steady atmosphere to last for frequently long periods of time. It becomes hard to transfer goods from one spot to another without the support of such warehousing services and their stability throughout the chain of logistics.

This demand can be satisfied by the temperature controlled warehouse that you select with care. In order to offer clients across the world access to temperature controlled warehouse services, third-party shipping firms and warehouse centers have collaborated.

The Significance of Temperature Controlled Storage

Products that need to be stored at a specific temperature

For the following industry-specific product categories that need temperature-sensitive solutions for storing and transporting, a temperature controlled warehouse is a mainstay:

Food and drink
If perishables are not maintained at an appropriate chilled temperature, they lose their nutritional value, flavor, and freshness.
Makeup and other cosmetics are susceptible to degrading under hot conditions.
Since the detrimental effects of high humidity and temperature variations can modify the constitution of many components used in the production of pharmaceuticals, continual cooling is vital to preserving their effective features.
Facilities for chemical warehousing are quite stringent about temperature control and product management for safety concerns.

Actually, these categories fall under the section of things that are directly related to our overall health. The cold chain would fail if there were no temperature-controlled facilities and perfect supervision.

Temperature controlled facility

A facility specially made for the storage, preparation, and delivery of goods that must be maintained at a specific temperature is known as a temperature controlled warehouse. The global market for cold chain logistics was estimated to be worth over $160 billion in 2018 and is expected to increase to roughly $585.1 billion by 2026, according to a study from Allied Market Research.

Four different temperature ranges can be used by these basic temperature-controlled facilities: Ambient: 59 °F to 86 °F, cool: 50 °F to 59 °F, refrigerated: 32 °F to 50 °F, and frozen: -22 °F to 32 °F. Systems for a temperature controlled warehouse include handling tools, storage space, and other components like cleanrooms and pallet conveyor systems. By following safety regulations and maintaining the quality of the goods, they prevent breaking the cold chain by collaborating.

The function of a temperature controlled warehouse

The expansion valves, condensers, evaporators, and compressors are some of the refrigeration equipment components in temperature controlled warehouse. They are installed strategically around the building to control the temperature differential between the cold store and the exterior and to adjust to the conditions needed while the product is being stored.

These facilities must also be made with sandwich panels that act as insulation to keep cold air from escaping inside. These warehouses employ high-density pallet rack systems, which are the best way to lower energy usage. These small systems provide the advantage of energy savings by lowering the needed square footage of the chilled room through storage space optimization.

Secure airlock systems are implemented to prevent condensation and avoid abrupt temperature fluctuations. This airlock system, which is often installed at the freezer warehouse’s entrance, is created from an anteroom with two doors that cannot ever be opened simultaneously.

Temperature controlled storage – Advantages

Here are some advantages that these storage facilities provide if you sell temperature-sensitive goods that need regulated temperature storage:

More protection and shelf life for the product

Without specialized cold storage facilities, the global flow of temperature-sensitive and perishable items along the cold chain would not be impossible. Even in unfavorable situations, these storage facilities permit the stewing and storing of commodities.

We all know that some pharmaceutical goods need to be stored and transported in a zone with accurate, regulated temperatures. They are susceptible to deteriorating in quality and effectiveness as temperatures rise, just like other sensitive items. As a result, the services offered by these specialized warehouses promise that product quality does not deteriorate, even in challenging situations.

Both excessive cold and heat might be viewed as adversaries. As a result, a temperature controlled warehouse can also handle other items that need higher storage temperatures. Storage cells can also hold commodities that don’t need refrigeration due to the way they are made. Because of the variety that results, a temperature controlled warehouse is a major link in the supply chain.

Professional operations and safety

Qualified teams with the necessary training run these temperature controlled warehouses. They make use of the most recent technology and associated temperature control equipment to fulfill delicate storage and shipping demands. These warehouses are not safe or comfortable environments for workers. In order to ensure the highest levels of safety for themselves, the business, and the items under their charge, these highly trained professionals follow unique processes.

Better air quality

Despite being disregarded, air quality is very important to the total quality of the completed product that is offered to the consumer, especially with regard to food items. A temperature-controlled warehouse has regulated and monitored air quality to prevent the entry of outside contaminants, including dust. Both the companies that sell these products as well as consumers who use products that are sensitive to these outside elements gain immensely.

Better revenue and client satisfaction

Companies that rely on keeping the quality of the products they make at all times profit more from their investments in a competitive market, and customers benefit from top-quality items. Extra efforts to increase production can be made by optimizing revenues.

Consumers demand 100% assurance that the freshest goods are sent to them when they purchase perishable goods. So, time is a crucial factor that the supply chain management system needs regulated communication and vigilance.

Suppliers are capable of extending the period that their products are kept at a controlled temperature without worrying about spoilage or damage. The chance of facing losses is mostly lowered by the use of cutting-edge equipment that promises safe storage of items.

Why Codot Logistics?

Do your goods need a special storage setting? This facility can provide you with services at various temperatures to keep your products from being wasted. In order to get an acceptable storage environment, Codot Logistics offers temperature controlled storage capable of providing temperature ranges from ambient to freezing. Assuring the integrity of your shipment is a top priority for us.

Pharmaceutical supplies and biological specimens, which are very temperature sensitive, need extreme caution when being stored. In order to increase transparency, we also give our customers continuous video surveillance so they can see their products in real-time.

Codot Logistics treats your shipment with the utmost care. Our skilled team monitors temperature and keeps a log of the storage facility to ensure your things never go bad and that they are stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Due to the emergency power supply unit backing up our temperature controlled storage, we are able to offer uninterruptible power 24/7 all year round.

Our trained experts conduct an overall inspection to make sure all levels are checked. We are able to confirm that every shipment leaving our warehouse facility is in undamaged condition since we maintain extensive documentation and live reporting. If something is off, we fix it in a proper and instant way to get back to the environment we want.

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