Airside Transport Services

Delivering critical parts to airside engineering providers by arranging landside logistics is one of the tasks performed by CODOT with an intention to get your maintenance activity to perform smoothly.

Managing our landside vehicles to provide and assist you with high priority airside delivery is our aim. Routine aircraft check-ups are carried out by airside engineers which results in high demand for spare parts needs. To serve the engineering providers with timely delivery of critical parts and materials CODOT provides airside transportation service.

Whether it's critical AOG part or non-critical routine unserviceable parts replacement we ensure everything which needs to be at airside is delivered on site.Checklisting, getting spares, consumables and materials from warehouses and delivering them to airside engineers and vice versa needs expertise.

We prioritize speed & safety while delivering criticals. Every critical part is delivered in hand at the demanded point to the service engineer resulting in saving time in transportation which can be utilized in fitment of parts.

We make sure that the land cargo is known to the airside authorities before getting to the airside delivery point. Our drivers undergo intense training protocols which are approved by the civil aviation airport authority, displaying a high level of experience and safety requirements.

We at CODOT understand our customers requirements and provide them with industry leading airside transportation service, undertaking all customs compliances while transporting.