Aviation specific services

Engine transport and storage

Engines are manufactured with immense precision and may have complex structural design taking care of engine transportation and storage require mastery. Our expertise has keen knowledge about engine’s whether it’s type, size or structure we will ensure your valuable engines are served with the best Transportation solution.

CODOT not only focuses on understanding customers requirements but also provides the best suitable solution for a hassle free engine movement. Every step involved in engine transportation is carried out by considering utmost attention to details. Managing and laying out each step to make the transportation journey a bit easy is our motive.

Engine transportation often consists of multiple parties, each party is responsible for a unique set of responsibilities. Our operational team maintains a sync between them to ensure engine integrity & shipment to carry out without any incident. While storing engine we always ensure to follow Engine recipient standard operating procedure (SOP) along with dedicated controlled environment suggested by engine manufacturer to keep your valuable engines safe and secure

We at CODOT are committed to our deadlines so that we can ensure your shipment reaches on time taking all the responsibilities to provide you with a stress-free engine shipment.

AOG and Critical logistics

Keeping minutes on ground to its minimum should be your priority this keeps losses to its lowest and we at CODOT ensure all your AOG and critical parts are delivered on time every time.

Whenever the Aircraft is grounded all you need is a trusted partner who can set the seal on critical parts getting delivered on time. Always choosing the best possible route with fastest delivery potentials that’s what we are proficient in. Every second we save on shipment delivery can be utilized in getting your Grounded aircraft back in the sky.

Our AOG Team prioritizes timely consignment delivery and keeps you updated on every transit movement providing you with composure.

If an event of AOG occurred anywhere globally, our local team of experts will deliver you with the much needed critical parts and will help you get back on air at your earliest. We understand that Critical parts have to be delivered not only fast but also need to clear customs and government guidelines across the globe. CODOT assists you in every possible way in clearing those customs and guides you with proper government guidelines which need to be mindful of. We just encourage you to trust us and rest. Our team of experts at CODOT will arrange a right solution to make your experience hassle free in a way that urgency doesn’t escalate.

Trade compliance

Working collectively with global regulatory for trade compliance can be complex, if we consider the aviation specific sector the process itself can be daunting and require high-level expertise.

We guide you throughout the process of shipping ,import and export in detail such that you become compliant to trade across the globe and none of your queries are left unanswered. We originate a roadmap for working together until compliance to your business is received.

Custom clearance procedures are handled by our trade compliance experts. Along with product specific licensing We do provide our expertise in licensing requirements so that nothing stops you being trade compliant.

Our trade compliance manager has exposure on every step carried out during transit of your valuable shipment, our customs compliance team experts ensure smooth handling of every moment whether licensed or dangerous good shipment.

We at CODOT always keep risk at its minimum while meeting our clients and regulatory requirements and focus on delivering industry leading service to our clients.

Whether it’s setting up your presence in other countries or getting compliance ready by checking all the regulatory guidelines CODOT gets you covered under the same roof.

On-board packages

On board packages need timely fast delivery, arranging the next flight out can be puzzling.

We at CODOT will help you get your critical and valuable shipment delivered at its quickest so that your assignments don’t get stuck for a second.

When it comes to delivering on board packages speed is everything. You need a custom designed plan for safe and secured shipment, we at CODOT will guide you through every process and assure you that your package is delivered with immense care.

Arranging the next flight out will be our priority for shipping your valuables To take care of your on-board packages we have our Export team inline with all the expertise required. Whether it’s getting your flight booked or dealing with customs clearance our experts are specially trained for such critical tasks and are provided with industry leading training on tackling every hold back scenarios.

Our team at CODOT ensures that Every transit step is tracked in real time so that you are informed about your valuables throughout the transport journey and the process remains transparent.

Your important consignments are specially safe guarded so that you are assured of safe, quick and efficient delivery anywhere around the globe.

Airside transport services

Delivering critical parts to airside engineering providers by arranging landside logistics is one of the tasks performed by CODOT with an intention to get your maintenance activity to perform smoothly.

Managing our landside vehicles to provide and assist you with high priority airside delivery is our aim.

Routine aircraft check-ups are carried out by airside engineers which results in high demand for spare parts needs. To serve the engineering providers with timely delivery of critical parts and materials CODOT provides airside transportation service.

Whether it’s critical AOG part or non-critical routine unserviceable parts replacement we ensure everything which needs to be at airside is delivered on site.Checklisting, getting spares, consumables and materials from warehouses and delivering them to airside engineers and vice versa needs expertise.


We prioritize speed & safety while delivering criticals. Every critical part is delivered in hand at the demanded point to the service engineer resulting in saving time in transportation which can be utilized in fitment of parts.

We make sure that the land cargo is known to the airside authorities before getting to the airside delivery point. Our drivers undergo intense training protocols which are approved by the civil aviation airport authority, displaying a high level of experience and safety requirements.

We at CODOT understand our customers requirements and provide them with industry leading airside transportation service, undertaking all customs compliances while transporting.

LLP control towers

Globally operating system which ensures absolute logistics management to provide you with real time every day order visibility.

We have decades of operational experience As a leading provider of logistics services to the aviation & aerospace sector, CODOT’s technical expertise is matched only by our commitment to success.

Our control tower team plays a vital role in managing supply chain activity. We at CODOT have our digital platform which enables real time data sharing functionality along with real time operational service tracking. Our LLP customers have total visibility of their engineering supply chain throughout the journey.

We know how important your decision is, and meanwhile it has to be right to ensure you always take right decisions. We provide you KPI & financial reports generated by our control tower. Our dedicated team of experts are present to provide operational and customer service support so service related failures remain at its minimum. For chasing perfection we always improve our service resulting in better programme advancement and cost management.

Entire LSP activities are managed by CODOT resulting in freeing up your valuable resources the services are backed by worldwide best support Chanel which is available 24/7

CODOT team make sure that you receive detailed analytics & reports starting from order initiation process to post shipment step helping your decision making easy.


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