The only thing that never changes in fashion is change itself. Consumers are ever demanding, and they need personalized experience in terms of fashion – especially clothing and accessories. It is an industry that demands intricate differentiation, personalized brand experience, and multi-channel offering. Hence it needs order fulfillment assurance, an elevated need for flexibility, and cutting-edge innovation. Logistics in the fashion sector have always had to adapt and revamp to changing trends. At Codot Logistics, our bespoke solutions cater to industry-specific needs and assure product delivery on schedule.

Optimization of prices and deadlines, supplier flexibility, and inventory visibility are the main patterns for fashion houses around the world’s logistics strategies, regardless of the segment – let it be large-scale market or premium and luxury labels. At Codot Logistics, our expertise in the fashion and textile business includes providing end-to-end visibility, value-added logistics services, and supplier management.

Our key services include

  • Customs & duty administration
  • Deconsolidation
  • DC bypass and cross-dock
  • Garments on Hanger
  • Direct to Store
  • Special Handling at Source
  • Buyer consolidation and vendor management

Codot Logistics, as one of the most reliable logistics partners, integrates upstream and downstream supply chain solutions and ensures collection availability in both online and offline retail networks. Our global network of expertise in sourcing and consuming nations coordinates all supply chain players, lowering costs and shortening lead times.