In order to optimize costs, today’s increasingly severe healthcare laws, as well as rising outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing, necessitate even more flexibility from healthcare supply chains. Healthcare supply chains must be ready to react continually, whether it’s switching from one supply source to another fast, increasing product availability in the event of shortages, or even terminating a distribution process when a product is pulled from the market. Compliance, standardization, accountability, and transparency in the supply chain are all things that shippers want to see. To keep track of product integrity and lead times, real-time data is essential.

All pharmaceutical industry operators can benefit from our custom-made solutions, which include:

Our key services include

Codot Logistics handles your healthcare products’ whole supply chain with a patient-centric approach, assuring product security and integrity while adhering to all laws, all while focusing on transit time and suggesting cost-cutting alternatives. Our healthcare competence centers and added-value services can actively assist you in attaining your supply chain performance goals.