Next Flight Out

Arranging the next flight out for high priority consignment might be a solution. But might not always be the best.

For critical consignments you can't rely on the next flight out instead you should find a best alternative and we at CODOT will help you in finding the best possible solution so that your valuables are delivered on time. For providing you with the best solution we use our intelligent routing system which ensures that the fastest direct flight is chosen for your shipment, and when we say best, there’s no other alternative to our solution.

Choosing flights which have no stops enable us to prioritize timely delivery. We never let your shipment go through unreliable flight connections. We analyze data like which is the best flight with proven records of timely delivery and continuous weather and flight reports for avoiding conditional delays. CODOT provides services across the globe partnering with almost every commercial and private flight partner to serve you best and reliable services.

When its urgent name to remember is CODOT we are staffed with worlds best expertise in the aviation and transportation sector ensuring your shipment is delivered 24/7 365 days.