Customs Clearance

No one wants their global shipment to get stuck at customs clearance. Although every country has a set of customs clearance norms they all are different. Some might surprise you with random examinations, others may encounter shipment related issues.

Every shipment consists of a new set of challenges. And Lining up that paperwork can be frightening. To get a burden off your shoulders we at CODOT provide you with all your customs clearance requirements preventing you from making any Missteps in documentation so that you won’t attract penalties in terms of time and money. Your shipment is our priority and we make sure it reaches its destination on time every time.

We know International shipping is inevitable for global businesses, But hassle of customs clearance should not stop you from reaching your business goals. CODOT provides a leading solution for customs clearance, with our local market expertise your importing and exporting goods experience is made simple.

Our dedicated customs clearance team keeps track of every government changing regulatory rules assuring you smooth customs clearance experience.

Every country possesses their set of regulatory rules. Keeping track of every rule and producing documents as needed to clear those is not easy.

We at CODOT carry you through the document requirements ensuring nothing brings you to a stand.