As an Importer/exporter being aware of every stage through which your shipment undergoes a transit life cycle. Is important because it provides a sense of control and peace of mind. We at CODOT monitor every measuring matrix and keep you updated throughout stages till your cargo reaches the intended destination.

Our Business process follows a high level of transparency practice making sure that every information is communicated to our clients. Detailed description of supplier, products and end customers are shared with clients so that nothing remains blurry.

We always follow government guidelines and regulatory rules for every county we serve,keeping consideration of safety, quality and environmental impacts of our supply chain. Keeping our clients updated and aware of every critical information is our priority which makes our supply chain immensely transparent.

Being transparent about your business process can build trust and bring mutually profiting business to both the parties CODOT understands partnerships, and in supply chain transparency can make or break a healthy partnership.

As logistics are getting quicker in shipment delivery, keeping track of every moving shipment has become a challenge to the service providers, where other carriers skip informing about critical steps involved in transit, we at CODOT keep our clients informed about every stage keeping the process transparent.By following our industry leading work ethics and top of the line customer support we are able to maintain a satisfied client portfolio.