Our Network Partners

Network partners assist us connecting dots around the world and therefore they play an inevitable role in our global logistic & supply chain. CODOT have market leaders as network partners ensuring our clients do not have to face any uncertain delays in their shipment delivery. Our network partners connect manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and end consumers to complete your successful shipment transit keeping you updated with every ongoing process.

Our network partner makes sure that the urgency of your shipment is not escalated providing you with trust so that you choose us for all your shipment requirements each time every time. Some of our network partners are : Fedex, DHL, UPS, MNX, GAC, ARAMEX, B&H, CTi, Airodse, Sterling, Kunhe nagal, Fast ride, Rodexpress, Orient Cargo, Kerry Logistics, IVK Manuport, Global Weststar link. In quest for providing the best service and delivering more than satisfactory results we are continuously adding more network partners in our profile so that every challenge you throw, we have its solution.