Engine Transport And Storage

Engines are manufactured with immense precision and may have complex structural design taking care of engine transportation and storage require mastery. Our expertise has keen knowledge about engine’s whether it’s type, size or structure we will ensure your valuable engines are served with the best Transportation solution.

CODOT not only focuses on understanding customers requirements but also provides the best suitable solution for a hassle free engine movement. Every step involved in engine transportation is carried out by considering utmost attention to details. Managing and laying out each step to make the transportation journey a bit easy is our motive.

Engine transportation often consists of multiple parties, each party is responsible for a unique set of responsibilities. Our operational team maintains a sync between them to ensure engine integrity & shipment to carry out without any incident. While storing engine we always ensure to follow Engine recipient standard operating procedure (SOP) along with dedicated controlled environment suggested by engine manufacturer to keep your valuable engines safe and secure

We at CODOT are committed to our deadlines so that we can ensure your shipment reaches on time taking all the responsibilities to provide you with a stress-free engine shipment.