Account Management

Throughout the globe, the Industrial and Logistics Services division is trying to expand its Key Customer Account Management. The goal of the effort is to build strong and long-term “Trusted connections” with clients, as well as to guarantee that these relationships spread across multiple client enterprises across the globe. Our team focuses on a few strategic initiatives that help CODOT stand out in the market and, as a result, help our clients achieve the stated goals and vision.

As a logistic company we believe in solving problems in relation with pick-up, transport, deliver & Monitor logistic economic impact on service level customers with sharing best practice within the Logistics operations. Our firm continuously improves customer satisfaction through raising the quality of the service.

Planning, monitoring, management, information concerning logistics and manufacturing processes are required along the supply chain. The purpose of supply chain management accounting is to optimize these procedures.

CODOT excels at assisting clients in achieving their goals. Our account managers are capable of addressing your needs as well as identifying high-performance solutions and resources to enhance your business’s outcome and profitability. To successfully assist our customers in accomplishing their objectives.