Dangerous Goods

Shipping hazardous materials requires prominent experience to avoid any uncertainty during transit. If your business requirements need importing or exporting hazardous, infectious or radioactive materials you need to keep yourself aware of every government regulatory rule. Negligence to any rule will prevent your shipment moment.

Shipments carrying dangerous goods are usually delayed due to noncompliance and obligations set by transport regulatory as well as airline. If you miss any paperwork or fail to produce documents essential for shipment you might have to suffer immense delay.

To prevent your shipment getting stuck and ensuring smooth transit flow our DG handling experts at CODOT arrange, evaluate and organize paperwork on your behalf. We even guide you with packing instructions of dangerous goods so that there’s no room for error. And no delay occurs due to error in unsupervised documentation or bad packaging.

Our DG team consists of certified professionals capable of handling every surprising challenge and making sure you are getting the much needed support 24/7/365.

Clearing those strict shipment compliances are never easy, every upcoming day brings a new government norm or changes in existing, keeping track of every norm and being up-to-date on every change make us the best DG carrier service providers.