Specialty Freight

A scenario where you need that shipment to get delivered on Dot, or it’s a high ticket shipment which requires an even higher level of care and precision, than an ordinary freight & logistic company might not be your first choice.

An extra eye on your consignment is what we provide you. We at CODOT endlessly track each step until your shipment reaches the destination using our logistic technology. Closely working with government authorities & aviation specialists we can commit that your shipment reaches its destination on time. If your consignment requires after delivery care you can rely on and be assured that your valuables are in good hands, so that you don’t think for a second option.

Our specialty freight team is trained to perceive perfection and they are associated to look after your special cargo while delivering much needed care, ensuring timely safe handling and secure delivery to your shipment.

When your consignment is temperature sensitive we can arrange freight services which can be temperature controlled considering on going days pharmaceutical supplies are transported in huge quantities using temperature controlled freight services. A special requirement of yours needs a special freight partner like us.