Inventory Management

No matter what your inventory demands, we have a solution inlined. Our inventory management system can handle inventory ranging of all different sizes and can be scalable as per your needs keeping transparency at its core.

Our network presence is across the globe, Making us expert in managing distribution of every country you can name of. Molding the CODOT inventory management system into your existing structure is quick as we provide industry-leading support in addition with a specialized IT team, customisation has become easy.

We provide you with all necessary data to keep your inventory levels maintained and running ensuring sufficient supplies for your customer needs. Our inventory management system is capable of providing accurate search results when a unique item is searched for, saving time in pulling & shipping. Use of Our inventory management system ensures that you never run out of stocks and provides you with greater efficiency at lower cost.To maintain smooth inventory flow we provide our clients with return merchandise authorization (RMA) service which is made to automate the unavoidable returns. Adding to our inventory management system we also provide a transportation management system which is GPS enabled so that you can track transit movement and be assured of your valuable inventory during transit. adding to your peaceful night sleep.