When you need a storage solution for your valuables there is no other name that can withstand the commitment of providing industry leading security and warehousing service other than CODOT, Our solutions for warehousing are one that you can count on Making sure your cargo stays safe in our warehousing facility we implement HD video surveillance 24/7/365 ensuring you peace of mind whether it’s a long term storage or distributed warehousing for better turnaround time you are always updated in real time.

CODOT has a network of warehousing facilities spreaded across the globe with leading infrastructure capable of climate controlled storage and technology to monitor your shipments as per your requirements. Climate controlled storage is important for storing pharmaceutical supplies for preventing them from losing their effectiveness. We have a warehousing facility which can maintain temperature around -80°C constant so that you won’t face losses.

Our Inventory Management helps in maintaining timely movement of your cargo so that nothing gets queued. We also consider guiding your valuables through complex government guidelines and regional custom agencies.

When there is high value, risk and criticality. Our expert warehousing service is the one whom you can rely on.