Temperature Controlled Storage

Do your commodities need a distinct storage environment? Which can serve you with different temperature ranges so that your valuables are prevented from getting wasted. We at CODOT provide temperature controlled storage, capable of providing temperature ranges from ambient to freezing achieving a satisfactory storage Environment. Your shipment is our priority & we ensure its integrity.

Highly temperature sensitive items like pharmaceutical supplies and bio specimens demand intense care while storing. We also provide our customers with real time visibility of their products via continuous video surveillance to step up transparency.

CODOT takes care of your consignment like its our own and provides utmost care to it, our expert team maps temperature and maintains a log of storage facility ensuring your items never run out bad and follows storage instructions. Our temperature controlled storage is backed by an emergency power supply unit resulting in uninterrupted power supply 24/7 throughout the year.

Maintaining detailed logs and live reporting enables us to verify every shipment moving out from our warehouse facility is in undamaged condition, Our specially trained team executes an overall inspection to ensure all checkboxes are ticked. If we find anything not right we make appropriate changes to restore the desired environment. Providing you with the best, reliable and cost effective storage solution.